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Orphaned Baby Squirrel

Found a Wild Animal?

 Tips on Helping an Animal In Need

Any injured or ill animal should be rescued. Signs of an injured or ill animal include being cold and still, bleeding, having open wounds or a fractured limb, an adult that is easily captured by hand, or any animal that is covered in flies or maggots. You can always send a picture and text to    (801)228-0831 for guidance. All birds and mammals will continue to care for their babies even if handled by humans.  

Found A Bat?

Bat should never be handled bare handed so always wear gloves if you need to handle a bat. We are happy to help with bats and you can call  (801)228-0831 for assistance. Bat World Sanctuary,,

has a great website with instructions on what to do if you find a bat and how to capture one if necessary. Please follow the link below......

Found a Baby Mammal?

Is the baby mammal injured (bleeding, been in a cat's mouth, puncture wounds, broken bones, open wounds, etc.)? If yes, call  for assistance (801)228-0831

If no and the baby is warm, look for a nest or den. You can often put the baby back and look from a distance to see if parents come back to get their babies. If after 4 hours, the babies are still there or if you have any questions, please call.

Bringing an Animal To Us

If you have determined that an animal needs to come in for care, find a suitable size box as a carrier. Line the box with a soft towel or t-shirt and place the animal in the box. To keep a baby animal warm, place a water bottle filled with warm (not hot) water wrapped in a towel in the box. Secure the box and place in a dark, quiet space until transport. Do not handle the animal and come straight to Park City Wildlife Rehab.

Found a Baby Bird?

Is the bird injured (been in a cat's mouth, puncture wound, bleeding, broken bones, open wounds, etc.)? If yes, call  (801)228-0831 for assistance. If no, does the bird have feathers? If so, it is probably a fledgling and learning how to fly. Fledglings should be left alone and watched from a distance. Mom is usually watching nearby. 

If the bird does not have feathers, look for a nearby nest and call our Wildlife Hotline for assistance on reuniting.

Our Address

Park City Wildlife Rehab  is located at 1790 Sun Peak Dr., Suite A102, Park City, UT, 84098. Make sure to call us 

to let us know you are on your way.


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